Well Visits

Well Visits  

Well child visits are very important in optimizing your child’s health, from infancy through adolescence.  In addition to giving necessary vaccinations, we monitor your child’s growth and development in all areas, including physical, mental and emotional health.  It is our responsibility to  help you make good decisions as parents, and we work together as a team to do so.  As pediatricians and as parents ourselves, we know how crucial it is for children to be seen by the same caring and compassionate doctor for these visits.  We get to know you and your child well this way!

We speak with you frequently about “anticipatory guidance,” which means we are proactively looking for problems so that we can get ahead of them early.  For example, a child with frequent colds may turn out to have asthma and allergies. A child with a soft heart murmur may have an underlying heart condition that needs to be followed by a cardiologist.  Your child’s speech may seem to be delayed and we can help you navigate getting the proper therapy for that problem.  Our goal is to help your child develop healthy habits, whether it is in making good eating choices, setting limits for behavior, working on sleep routines, or prospering at school, sports or friendships, we are here to help.  We encourage parents and their children to ask questions, to be open and honest about their concerns and to know that we, as your pediatricians, will keep your concerns confidential and always strive to be honest with you in return. 

 Well Visits occur at:

1 Week1 Month2 Months4 Months
6 Months9 Months12 Months15 Months
18 Months24 Months30 Months3 Years
4 Years5 Years6 Years7 Years
8 Years9 Years10 Years11-14 Years
15-17 Years18-21 Years  






We follow the CDC guidelines for immunizations. For the most recent immunization schedule, click here.