Mendakota Pediatrics Services

Well Visits  

Children are seen regularly throughout their childhood. Well Visits occur at:

1 Week6 Months18 Months
1 Month9 Months24 Months
2 Months12 Months30 Months
4 Months15 Months3 Years

Annual visits from 4 years to 22 years

We follow the CDC guidelines for immunizations. For the most recent immunization schedule, please go to:

Sick Visits

We pride ourselves on being able to see our patients for same day sick visits. We believe that you should be able to see your pediatrician when your child is sick instead of needing to visit an Urgent Care or Emergency Room where they don’t have the personal relationship with your family.

Chronic Health Conditions  

We provide medical care for many health conditions, including: ADHD, Asthma, Allergies, Congenital Heart Disease, gastrointestinal problems, and kidney disease. Some of these conditions we manage independently and some are managed with a specialist.


We see newborns born at any hospital in our clinic. If your child is born at Woodwinds Hospital in Woodbury or United Hospital in St Paul and will be attending our clinic, we will see your child in the hospital.


If you are the parent of a newborn boy (or an expectant parent), you may be considering circumcision for your son. Our doctors perform circumcisions both in the clinic and at the hospitals where we see newborns (United Hospital in St. Paul, and Woodwinds Hospital in Woodbury).

We typically will numb the wart with EMLA and can freeze it using cryotherapy.

If your child has a simple laceration, we are able to use Dermabond to glue it closed or can place stitches if needed.

We will numb the area with EMLA and can drain a simple abscess.