Children love summer – as they should! 

Summer offers kids a break from their busy school-year routine.  It’s time to get outside, get some fresh air, run, jump, dig, get dirty and just be a kid.

Maybe summer camp is on the agenda, or baseball or tennis.  Maybe your child enjoys fishing or science or art. Regardless of their interests or plans this summer, now is the best time to schedule their annual physical.



Some summer camps require that children have a physical before they can attend. This is to ensure that it will be safe for them to take part in all of the planned activities.



Sports physicals, sometimes called pre-participation physicals help ensure your young athlete can safely play.   You will find the Minnesota State High School League Sports Participation Form on our website.



Immunizations and exams are required before entry into preschool, kindergarten, 7th grade, 10th grade and college.  Depending on your child’s age, there are a number of vaccines recommended, which you can easily see on our website.   If your child has asthma, allergies or any chronic health issue, new orders for school nurses are needed at the beginning of each school year. We are happy to ensure you have what you need.

Children and teenagers grow and change so quickly (physically, emotionally and socially). As pediatricians, we strongly recommend that children and teens of all ages have a physical examination every year. Call us today!  651-552-7999

Healthy Kids are Happy Kids

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